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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yahoo to ship 400 employer to Microsoft

Another news about Microsoft Yahoo deal

As a part of the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal, about 400 Yahoos will soon start working for Microsoft instead.
SAI's Dan Frommer unearthed the news in Yahoo's SEC filing on the deal yesterday:

Microsoft will hire no less than 400 Yahoo employees and will pay them competitively. The companies will also agree on a retention plan to keep those 400 and an additional 150 Yahoo employees to help in the transition.

What will it be like, moving from a bleeding-purple Silicon Valley startup made-good to the corporate empire that is Microsoft? We don't know.
The software maker will also hire 150 of Yahoo's staff to assist with the transition, Yahoo said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.
Source :- BusinessInsider

It is means Yahoo finished or maybe just change knowledge??

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