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Friday, August 14, 2009

Sony to challenge Amazon

In a further challenge to Amazon, Sony will switch its electronic book store to an open system that will let customers read a wide range of materials on the company’s e-readers.

Sony’s store will then be useful for people with multiple types of e-readers.

“Our intention is to lead by example,” said Steve Haber, boss of Sony’s digital reading business unit.

Sony introduced several new models that hit shelves later this month (both will support the new open format) and cut the prices of e-books on its online store to increase pressure on Amazon. This latest move will also lure more customers to its devices and its bookstore, the company hopes.

E-readers cost at least several hundred dollars, and some customers consider them a serious purchase worthy of consumer-review research and planning. Amazon and Sony hope that once a customer starts out with one of their devices, they’ll keep coming back the rest of their lives out of customer loyalty or even just inertia.

Source :- San Francisco Business Times

Will Sony beat Amazon? Let's see while Apple want to join the market too.

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