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Saturday, August 1, 2009

New or takeover business

I just think to write about new or takeover business..
There's a debate at my workplace about the method in business..
Whether create a new business or takeover same modelling business. There's a pros and cos in the method. It is the pros and cons about the method.

1. New Business
- It is easy to manage the new busines. You can plan exactly from beginning and no where the process of the business..
2. Takeover Busines
- There's a setting for the business. No more plan from beginning. It save more times.

1. New Business
-It is hard to start with 0. You must manage and work hard to plan, setting organization and more..
2. Takeover Business
- You don't know whole process. Sometimes there's a hole in the organization left by former owner.

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