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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pirate business in Somalia

Do you ever heard about Pirate modelling business. Eventhough it's illegal but they must build a system on their workforce..Their operation begins, as with any other start-up business, with venture capital. In Somalia, piracy financiers are usually ethnic Somali businessmen who live outside the country and who typically call a relative in Somalia and suggest they launch a piracy business.

Employee is not a problem for pirate business in Somalia..Somalia is an impoverished and largely lawless country with high unemployment. As a result, there is a huge work force looking for jobs.Once the supplies and employees are ready, the piracy start-up is ready to launch.

Then, finding the right target. They research a month to know that their target is easy to hijack. And they have their professional on the team.. They negotiate with their ransom to get what they want. Mostly they take money.

So, who said that pirates just a dirty for dumb people?? Think again..

This brutal pirates is full of brain and business minded

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