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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best article I've read

Reading an articles is important to gain knowledge about business. New knowledge gather from the website or blog.. Today, I want to share article that make me more confident on business topic this week.

1. 3 Startup Lessons I Know Now, But Wish I’d Known Then - The Article from Small Biz Trends is very informative. There's 3 lessons they share like Offer smaller-ticket items that sell quickly, Don’t waste money on expensive marketing UNTIL you’ve figured out your offering and your brand and Integrate technology deeply into your business. This tips will help to save from wasting money and time..
2. How to start a business with no money - The Article from Erica Douglas give 4 tips the succes of her business.Worked every single day on the business, set goals and hit them, no instant riches and stopped listening to those who told me it couldn’t be done. What a good tips.. It show the positive of author.. It inspire me to setup business with such a small amount..

That's 2 cleared me about how to setup small business.. How about your reading today??
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