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Monday, September 7, 2009

US imports and exports increased

The US trade deficit was probably little changed in July as imports and exports both grew, signalling a revival of commerce as the global slump eased, economists said before this week.
The gap between imports and exports increased 1.5 % to US$27.4 bil from US$27 bil the prior month, according to the median of 63 estimates in a Bloomberg News survey ahead of the COmmerce Department's Sept 10 report.

Rising demand for US-made goods from trading partners such as China, Mexico and the European Union is combining with domestic stimulus measure to help pull the economy out of arecession. With prediction the US economy will grow at an average 2.1 % rate in the second half ot his year, imports will probably climb further. The US$26bil trade deficit in May was the smallest since November 1999.

Import prices probably rose 1% in AUgust from the prior month, lebd by oil and other commodities.

- Bloomberg

Is it really a sign of recovery? Will US trading increased ?
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